Egypt boasts some of the most spectacular backdrops in the world for an unforgettable round of golf.


Verdant fairways laid out on an arid desertscape like undulating emerald carpet. Palm trees swaying gently from a cooling sea breeze, fanning manicured greens under cobalt blue skies. This is golf, Egypt-style. [More]

Golf Courses in Cairo
Tee off in the historic hearts of the capital and play on courses which are part of huge, self-contained leisure complexes in Cairo’s suburbs. [More]

Golf Courses in Alexandria
Near the Cleopatra’s home city, Alexandria, swing away on a pristine stretch of the Mediterranean coast. [More]


Golf Courses in Luxor
Send a drive soaring towards the Luxor mountains where the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were buried. [More]

Red Sea and Sinai Golf Courses
Sink putts on Red Sea Riviera courses from the Sinai Peninsula to the northern and western Red Sea coasts. [More]



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