Egypt Today

From tradition to modernity, Egypt is a country which has succeeded in creating a present that is as fascinating as its past.

 Egypt Today
Since the end of the nineteenth century, Egypt has been evolving at a very high speed. Its political, economical and cultural life has undergone striking changes. [More]

 Geography & Climate
Located at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe, Egypt is built around the Nile Valley, a very fertile land bordering the river and bounded by 2 seas [More]

With 72,000,000 inhabitants, Egypt represents one quarter of the population of the Arab world. [More]

Arabic is the official language spoken by all Egyptians. When Arabic is spoken in the streets, it's like a dialect and differs a great deal from classical Arabic. [More]

Though the majority of Egyptians are Muslims, there are over 12 million Christians living in Egypt today. [More]



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