One of the greatest civilizations on the face of the earth that high civilization through the ages
Which stunned the whole world and stop to read the interpretation of this great mystery that spanned centuries of time, not Tntmt or fade like other modern civilizations, which could not withstand the changes undergone by the world.

Lived with some of the ancient Egyptian civilization, the civilizations of the country in the Ancient Near East, including Mesopotamia civilization (Iraq), The civilization of the Levant (Syria), and the civilization of South Arabia (Yemen). These civilizations affected the ancient Egyptian civilization in all its manifestations, and also affected in the Egyptian civilization, in some manifestations. This means there has been interaction between the civilization of ancient Egypt, the ancient civilizations of the Middle, and there have been links between vulnerability and the impact of all these civilizations.

Effects between the ancient Egyptian civilization, and civilization of Mesopotamia (Iraq), the reciprocal influences, for example images of the interaction between civilizations:

From Mesopotamia, Egypt has been on the pyramid system in the construction of temples. 
From Mesopotamia, Egypt has been the use of seals. 
From Mesopotamia, Egypt has been making the art of winged animals. 
In an era of "Tuthmosis III," the Egyptian conquests extended to Mesopotamia. 
In the late modern state, King of Assyria took over Egypt for a short period, until the king has "Obsmatik" in the expulsion of Egypt from the Assyrians

Mesopotamia, Egypt has been the use of seals. This was the royal seal of the properties of the pharaoh "Hormahb" and back to the beginnings of the family 19 (1320-1200 BC. M). The cartridge contains "Hormahb" With this seal in the form of Djaran (beetle) scarabus beetle, a symbol of new birth and eternal life in the ancient Egyptian religious belief, and the cartridge is written inside oval forms of personal property or the name of god.


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